Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jokes, Stories, Interesting Fact, And Crazy News

1) An old woman is at a store and says, "I told you I would be back, I am a man of my word."  Then she blushed and corrected herself and said, "I am a woman of my word."

2) The other day this woman was making wise jokes to a guy.  The guy said to her, "you're a wise guy", she said, "excuse me, don't you mean, I'm a wise girl."  How do you change a woman into a man.  Take away the "wo" and you have "man".

Interesting Fact

The letter M is in the Middle of the alphabet and “Middle” starts with the letter “M”?

A Joke

Out of chaos comes order, out of order and it does not work.

Crazy News

These kids at a lemonade stand were putting liquour in lemonade.  They got shut down for not having a liquour license.  Kids don’t try this at home.

Invisible Joke

Do you know who I saw yesterday?  The invisible man.  Do you know who I saw with the invisible man, the invisible woman.  I am trying to be politically correct.  Do you see my point?

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