Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet Rock Joke And Other Jokes

Pet Rock
I got a pet rock the other day and when I got home it was dead.  I want my money back.


There was a Halloween Party and only 300 people were allowed because of the fire code, but there was 301 people at the party.  Why didn’t the fire department tell the owner to close the party?  Because the 301st person was the invisible man and nobody knew he was there. 

Santa Claus
I tried to get a job as Santa Claus, but I didn't have the stomach for it.
(By Dave Russo & Quoted in The Wall Street Journal)

A Funny Joke
There was a gang shooting at the mall.  So I did a drive by and drove by the mall.

More Funny Jokes
- Where does dinner always come before lunch?
In the dictionary.
***Other Stuff***
The other day I interviewed a kid and asked him what he wants to be when he grows up?
He said he wants to be a professional blogger.

Whoever works in hell has a helluva job.

Motivational Quote
It's all in the weather, whether you are going to do it or not.


Ken said...

I hope some day you will donate your mind to science so they can investigate what makes it tick ;)

Daniel said...

I like the jokes!

Alexis said...

Haha, I like the pet rock joke!!

Sammi said...

Hi David!! I like the blog so far! Goodluck with the rest of it. I'll tell my friends about it.

Jose said...

Hmmm, a little corny for my taste, but they are probably funny for other people.

Kyle said...

Well, one of my friends on facebook sent me here saying her uncle had started a blog with jokes on it! I like jokes because, jokes are funny. And these gave me a good laugh. I'm gonna come back tommorow to this blog to see more of the funny stuff.

Jamie said...

hey! Kyle! U beat me to postin a comment on Sam's uncle's blog!! Lol, but Sammi's uncle, if ur reading this, I like the jokes so far and hope to see more in the future.

Yara said...

Lol good jokes. said...

Ha Ha! Thank you for your support! In the future I will be positing continually. Come back soon.

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