Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Day!

According to Wikipedia today is blog day, August 31st, 2011, “the designated date is August 31, because when written 3108, it resembles the word "Blog"”.

Thank you for visiting!  In honor of Blog Day I am interviewing the 1st Ever Blog Owner.

ComicDaveRusso Interviewer:  When did you first start blogging?
1st Ever Blog Owner:  I started as a kid blogging to friends and family by snail mail.  It was costly.  Now a days Blog owners got it easy, they can blog for free.

ComicDaveRusso Interviewer:  How many blogs did you ever have at the same time?
1st Ever Blog Owner:  Thirty.  I didn’t sleep much.

ComicDaveRusso Interviewer:  Are there any drawbacks from blogging?
1st Ever Blog Owner:  Yes being addicted to blogging.  My friends wanted to have a Blog intervention, but they could only get in touch with me through the internet.  I dodged them big time.  They tried to find a blogging anonymous club for me, but they didn’t have one.

ComicDaveRusso Interviewer:  What blog updates would you like to see as a blog owner?
1st Ever Blog Owner:  A blog owner software program that would write and promote the blog.  It would really free up my time.

ComicDaveRusso Interviewer:  What inspiring thoughts would you like to tell all the bloggers?
1st Ever Blog Owner:  Happy Blogging!
What do you think about Blog Day?

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