Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lottery Winning

Here’s my plan if I win 10 million dollars from the lottery, I’m going to:
  • Buy a house.
  • Open up a company.
  • Take a vacation
  • Pay my best friends mortgage.
Here’s my plan for today:
  • Nothing
Here's the winning lottery numbers:

05, 27, 18, 11, 55, 43

But, I’m not sure which lottery it is for…

When are the lottery companies going green?  Can’t they do something better than printing a lottery paper ticket for each customer.  The amount of paper that is printed for each lottery could reach the moon and back to earth 10 times, okay I made that up to make a point.  Mega Millions and NJ Lottery Powerball are printing lottery paper tickets and there are other lottery companies doing the same.  There is a green movement among companies and it is not only to get our green money.  The U.S. Post Office put the stamp of approval on 16 “Go Green” stamps.  These stamps show ways to be better for the environment.  Credit card companies and banks are trying to show statements electronically instead of through the mail.  Book companies are sell electronic books.  I suggested a green garbage can for recycling cans at Garden State Honda and now there is one.  I am suggesting lottery companies go green by doing something different than printing out lottery paper tickets.  Why not email the lottery numbers or give us a phone application with the lottery numbers, etc.  Save Trees!  Let’s Go Green!  What do you think?

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